“Dancing is the last word in life… dancing one draws nearer to oneself.”
Jean Dubuffet

Each spring and autumn, I invite top teachers from the UK and abroad to run a weekend of Belly Bolly dance workshops locally.¬† These teachers bring their particular specialist styles and skills to share with us ….brilliant!¬† We keep adding to the eclectic mix of Belly Bolly dance forms.¬† So, do come along and join in.

St. Michael's Mount across the beachWe’ve enjoyed some remarkable input from these inspiring teachers who come to us.¬† They have contributed greatly to the evolution of Belly Bolly dance.¬† Thank you to them all!
Living here¬†can feel pretty insular.¬†The picture shows¬†St. Michael’s Mount, near Penzance, 200 miles away from¬†Bristol (which many consider south west!).¬† No other place nearby¬†offers Belly Bolly workshops.¬† Going up-country for dance workshops costs a¬†fortune in travel and B&B.
Each of the two workshops over the weekend is four hours long, with refreshment breaks.  Usually each day covers a stand-alone style, so that you can do either day or both. Pursuing a theme for four hours in a workshop gives massive input.  You learn new moves, reinforced by choreography and sometimes with improvisation.  Whatever your dance experience to date, you break through previously held barriers (mental and physical!) and your Belly Bolly dancing improves exponentially.
I always learn a huge amount of¬†fresh ideas and angles: it’s good for me to be the student for once and not the teacher.¬† I have to work at getting the ideas and can be a real duffer, much to the amusement of my own dancers!
It’s not all slog, though.¬† The teachers share information about the cultures and history behind their dances.¬† They tell anecdotes¬†and we can ask questions all the way through.¬† We get the chance to¬†get together¬†with others we haven’t seen since the last workshop and¬†it’s great¬†to meet new ones who’ve come along.