To start……..

Picture of a bead and coin hip-belt

Hip Bling for Belly Bolly: a bead and coin hip-belt

Feel comfortable for Belly Bolly class practice. We dance barefoot; you can  use soft little pumps if that helps your feet. Wear a T-shirt or top  with something pretty tied around your hips to give focus to tum, bum and hips: this is the Belly Bolly look. Leggings are OK but they won’t give you such a squiggly feel!

Close-up of sarong style

A sarong or ‘wrap’ (piece of material, which can double up as a veil) tied around the hips gives a feminine, sinuous feel for dances like Egyptian baladi. Some
dance styles look and feel best wearing a wide full skirt with an elasticated waist that can sit on the hips, swishy as you move, and billowing around your ankles. These few simple items are all you need to set up your Belly Bolly dance class gear.  Then you start to go sparkly……


Lots of dance costume in a Cairo Belly Dance shaop

Dance heaven: a costume shop in Cairo!

Belly Bolly dance has side effects! You may find that you’ll never again resist going into charity shops to see what’s jingly inside. If you like sewing, you’ll find yourself creating spangly dance gear.