Keep the weekend of October 20th & 21st free for some Turkish delight: not the edible kind, but dance!  Serkan is Turkish and is world renowned for authentic dance from his country. So it’s a real treat to bring him to Ponsanooth for two days of workshops.

Serkan’s relaxed way of teaching makes the dancing accessible and fun.  He pays attention not only to how you manage the technique, but also to how the moves feel and how they make you feel.  Fabulous: this is what dancing is all about!  You can carry this playfully into whatever style of dance you choose.
Close-up of Serkan Tutar wearing traditional heavily decorated costumeTurkish dance has evolved differently from Egyptian and N. African dance generally.  So Serkan will make sure that we appreciate and conquer the subtleties of the styles.
On Saturday, 1 – 3.30 p.m., we’ll learn Turkish gypsy dance, elegant and full of heart. This has a new rhythm to explore: 9/8, which will give a different feel to how we move and interpret the music.  After a 1/2 hour tea break, we’ll continue with a 2 hour workshop on travelling steps.  The ability to move along with interesting combinations and detail really lifts any dance.  Serkan promises that he has some combos that will make us feel we’re flying!
Sunday’s workshops, spanning a 3/4 hour lunch break, cover more aspects of dance from Serkan’s homeland.
12- 2 p.m. is Turkish modern oriental dance, upbeat and fluid, very entrancing.  Serkan will show us some of the distinctive technique, with choreography, that marks this style. The weekend closes with what Serkan calls his ‘I love my veil’ workshop.  Over the 2 hours, he’ll demonstrate and teach wonderful ways to dance with a veil. This involves keeping the flow of air to give life to the veil’s shapes and also how best to use it to frame your body’s movement.
The whole Turkish weekend feels like an ‘I love my dance’ occasion!  Here is the flyer with details of venue and times.