Seef Saffah posing cheerfully on a sunny day in Penzance's Morrab Grdens on Mazey Day, on of their summer season's gigs 2016Last thoughts on our summer season of gigs, 2016.  Just three of us from Seef Saffah danced at Holifield Farm’s Holifair Festival in August. That was a bit thin for us to promote our usual range of movement and colour in our dance set.  Still, Sharon, Ange and I performed with flair.

Henna patterns being created for people at Holifield Farm's Holifair Festival, where Seef Saffah danced Belly Bolly as part of their summer season 2016The day was blisteringly hot with a perfect blue sky.  The atmosphere really was festive, the most colourful yet.  People chilled out with painted faces, bright (sometimes bizarre) clothes and henna patterns…this made us feel at home.
Blue skies and hummocky grass for Seef Saffah's penultimate gig of the season at Holifield Farm's Holifair Festival 2016It seemed to be our lot this season to dance on hummocky grass: today was no exception!  We danced in the space between the ‘Mane Stage’ and a large tent.  Inside was a sound deck and a young lad (talented!) played our music for us.  Great: loud sound!  One very irritating thing, though, was the band that tuned up on the stage as we were dancing.  Hmmmmmm: not impressed.
Holifair's Secret Grove: a wellbeing area of the Festival, where I taught Belly Bolly after oerforming there with Seef Saffah summer season 2016Sharon and Ange left and I ran a Belly Bolly dance workshop in the Secret Grove wellbeing tent.  Despite sweltering heat inside, the women picked up the dance moves really well.  We danced to an Egyptian tune, so focused on Arabic style.  I  loved their enthusiasm and energy.  This ended the dance day well. Seef Saffah's final gig of the summer 2016 season: the Seal Sanctuary, Gweek, with seals as well
The final gig for our 2016 summer season of Belly Bolly dance was at the Seal Sanctuary, Gweek as part of a fund raising day.  I think the seals enjoyed it!  The Sanctuary, situated on the creek at Gweek, is such a beautiful setting and it was great to have an excuse to visit it.
Jodie and me posing with seals at Gweek's Seal Sanctuary on Seef Saffah's last gig of summer season 2016Jodie works at the Seal Sanctuary, hence the gig.  Her colleagues were surprised and impressed to see the dancer side of her!  It was a light-hearted performance.  Reasons to smile a lot in the late afternoon sun.