Yet another close up of 2016 purple costume for Seef Saffah's summer season of gigs 2016Seef Saffah’s purple summer season 2016 continued with a gig in the beautiful grounds of Godolphin House.  This was for the village fete, to raise money to buy the church hall there.  After several days of rain, our spirits had drooped, since dancing on wet grass is just too dangerous.  We thought the gig would never go ahead.  Miraculously, the day dawned not just sunny but really hot: we wilted somewhat in our costumes.

SEEF saffah dancing belly bolly at Godolphin Fair, July 2016On that dry, yet very bumpy grass, we danced as well as possible.  There were the usual variations brought about by skids and trips on uneven surface and treading on our skirt hems.  A bonus this gig, though, was that we could use the sound system of a choir that had been singing before us.  What a boon: our music carried really well in the open air.  People were sitting on the grass all around, so there wasn’t a great deal of space.  We danced, if rather cramped and wobbly, while the crowd clapped and jigged along with us. It was a good day for dance.
Seef Saffah's Stithian Show gig 2016, dancing Belly Bolly in the rainStithians Show was our next gig: our first at this prestigious event.  We knew that a lot of eyes would be upon us, most likely bemused at our sight/sound in the midst of all things agricultural!  Again, it had rained pretty continuously in the days leading up to the Show.  So we cringed at the prospect of a skiddy performance.  There was a covered stage, though, which kept off the worst of the squally showers that occurred throughout the day.  We had two performances this gig, with deluges in between.  It became very cosy when the audience crowded in with us to escape the worst of the downpour!  You can see the rain on the stage in the picture above.  N.B. This is called the Kelly’s area…any idea why? We had to keep people to the sides of the stage to avoid making the surface wet and dangerous for dancing.  Then they dispersed to stand or sit on soggy seats to carry on with watching our dances.  Noble fans, all!
Seef Saffah dancing an Andalusian scarf Belly Bolly dance as part of their Sthians Show gig, summer 2016Again we were blessed with our sound.  The singer before us let us use his powerful speakers and mike, so that a large area of the Show ground was blasted with our music. This undoubtedly drew more people in to see what was going on: good news for us.  The vibrations from the speakers fair made our scarves flutter.