Seef Saffah pose with their banner on a sunny Mazey Day in Morrab Gardens, having just done their Belly Bolly dance performance on the bandstandHere we are posing with our banner after our performance in Morrab Gardens, Penzance, on Mazey Day, June 25th 2016.  We lug this banner around to get noticed!  On our way back, a samba band with giant purple dancer figure was playing their music, so we joined in…just for fun.  It felt like destiny to have an oversized version of us to dance with, so we gave an impromptu performance!  This was our second gig of 2016, so I’ll go back to our first.

Seef Saffah posing at the end of a Belly Bolly danceperformance in the big tent of Holifield Farm's Big Tent festivalThis was at Holifield Farm’s Big Tent Festival, June 17th, where the people there with special needs, their families and carers could chill for those two days.  There really was a big tent!  The weekend had all sorts of events: face painting, bands, music workshops, arts and crafts as well as the camping…and us!  We performed our dance set on a shaky stage and on the rough grass in the tent.  An extra skill we have learned is to appear nonchalant as we skid and lurch at times, making it look as if this is all part of the dance!
We’re still in purple, with some variation this time.
After the performance, we gave a workshop to get everyone dancing to a lively Egyptian dance.  It was pretty random, but a lot of fun.  I’m always surprised how people can pick up some moves really quickly, while they have to grapple with other moves.  Still, we all boogied and jingled happily until it was time for karaoke to take over.
Seef Saffah performing on the bandstand, Morrab Gardens, as part of Penzance's Mazey Day festival, June 25th 2016On to Mazey Day again: this marked the end of the town’s week long mid- summer Golowan Festival.  It was a sunny day: just the biz for a festive colourful performance from Seef Saffah!  Morrab Gardens was full of people relaxing on the grass and milling happily around.  There were stalls and ice cream sellers, helping to set the holiday mood. As in previous years, we danced on the bandstand.  This had the plus of being raised above ground level but our visibility was limited somewhat by being enclosed.  Anyway, we felt that we danced our set well, and were pleased with the enthusiasm of the audience.  They jigged around to the music and generally joined in with the rhythms.  It was good to see some of my dance women from classes there.  They had watched us sometimes in rehearsal, so this performance was the culmination of all that practice.
Seef Saffah's purple costume and hip-belts on the bandstand, Morrab Gardens, Penzance on Mazey day, June 25th 2016Small children swarmed all over the railings to the bandstand.  This was rather disconcerting, watching them in case they fell while we were dancing, but they did enjoy themselves.
After the Mazey day 2016 performance in Morrab Gardens, Penzance: Seef Saffah smile and relax!This was Jodie’s first performance with Seef Saffah.  There she is, extreme right, grinning happily. Jodie’s enthusiasm and energy are endless: it’s great to have her along!