Dance till the stars come down
from the rafters.
Dance, dance, dance till you drop.”
W. H. Auden”

Seef Saffah dancing at Lafrowda FestMeet Seef Saffah, my dance troupe.  We’re named after a tree that grows widely across N. Africa with deep roots for much needed water and wide branches that offer shade and room for many people and creatures.      I figured that this symbolised our eclectic range of Belly Bolly dances.

Like many a rock band, Seef Saffah’s line-up has changed over the years, yet the essence of what we do remains the same: having a lot of fun showing off our Belly Bolly dances. There are always pre-performance nerves and many a time all sorts of unexpected glitches occur, yet there’s a real buzz in dancing before an audience.  In the picture above, we’re dancing in The Square, St. Just, on Lafrowda Day.


Seef saffah posing on St Michael's MountHere we are on the castle battlements of St. Michael’s Mount on a sunny day.


Seef Saffah sliding around on wet St. Michael's Mount battlements
Same place: wet day!  Here we are again on the battlements, sliding around with soggy hair and costumes; you can see the shine under our feet.


Seef Saffah swishing skirts on a windy day at Quay fair day, penzance.
Windy day.  This time at Quay Fair Day, Penzance, just when we’re doing a skirt swishing dance!


Seef saffah dancing on a stage…and here we’re indoors, with the luxury of a good floor.


Seef Saffah dancing Belly Bolly at Godolphin fete 2017Bumpy grass and good vibes on a sunny day at Godolphin House for their village fair


Seef Saffah dancing at Montol, Penzance in The Admiral Benbow
Belly Bolly dancing in The Admiral Benbow, Penzance, for the town’s mid-winter Montol Fest, complete with fairy lights on our hip belts.
Underneath, a quiet moment before dancing in Morrab Gardens on Mazey Day, part of Penzance’s summer festival of Golowan.
Seef saffah having a quit moment before dancing in Morrab Gardens, Penzance on Mazey Day 2016


Seef Saffah posing at Holifield HolifairPosing at Holifield Farm, after dancing on grass.  We did a workshop here too with lots of cries of “Rainbow!”  Those of you who were there on the day will know what this means.
Then underneath, another fab time spent at Holifield’s Big Tent Day, bouncy-dancing on a wobbly stage.
Some od Seef Saffah dancing at Holifield's 2016 Big Tent festival
Belly Bolly dance on peacock poo, Trevarno
This was one of Seef Saffah’s more perilous gigs.  It was at Trevarno House, with peacocks roaming around.  It was a wet misty day and we had to watch where we were going, skidding around on damp grass and peacock poo.  The hems of our skirts were all green and slimy, slapping around our legs.  Still: the show must go on….


Seef Saffah dancing Belly Bolly at QFD, Penzance 2017Dancing at Quay Fair Day, Penzance at The Boatshed: not much room and manhole covers to negotiate.



Here are the Seef Saffah girls, past and present: