Together with Seef Saffah, I also run workshops to give as many people as possible a taste of Belly Bolly dance.¬† We aim to give everyone the chance to explore the dance, even if only for a short spell.¬†Sometimes the workshop focuses on a particular aspect.¬† This might be¬†a¬†certain style, like Egyptian or Bollywood dance.¬† Other times, Seef Saffah teaches a short medley of styles to show the variations within Belly Bolly dance.¬† We explain the background of the dances, some of the customs associated with them and the costumes that are worn. In the workshop, people learn some basic moves and a short routine.¬† It’s usually a hoot!

Below are some of the places and events where Seef Saffah have performed and then run a Belly Bolly workshop.  We tailor the content and style of each workshop to suit the participants.  This means that we specifically prepare the dance experience for their age, level of fitness and what they hope to gain from the workshop.
A Brownie and Guide evening: girl power, starting young!
W.I. groups: they love the costumes and customs particularly.
At Holifield Farm, a centre for adults with learning difficulties. This is part of their Big Tent event for all, including their carers and families. Everyone joins in as you can see in the pictures below!
Everyone joining in with Seef saffah's workshop at Holifield Farm's Big Tent event
People joining in with Seef saffah's workshop at Holifield Farm's Big Tent event
A fitness day at Falmouth University, where Belly Bolly dance proved to be excellent for gaining and maintaining fitness.
At St. Just as part of their Lafrowda Festival: different styles  of dance celebrate inclusiveness and the fun of the day.
At the Barefoot Festival, Godolphin¬†House, to promote the natural delight and health-giving benefits of kicking off your shoes.¬† Belly Bolly¬†dancing barefoot is fun….pictured below.
Seef Saffah running a Belly Bolly workshop at Godolphin's barefoot Fest
It’s very heartening when women of all ages, shapes, sizes and levels of ability join in so readily.¬† Sometimes the blokes join in too….. can’t stop them!¬† It just goes to show that Belly Bolly dance has a very wide appeal¬†and can be enjoyed and explored by anyone.