Flyer for Terri Hardy's Belly Bolly 'meeting the Dancer Within' workshops in Ponsanooth, Cornwall, November 12th & 13th 2016Here’s the flyer for Terri’s ‘Meeting the Dancer Within’ workshops in Ponsanooth in November.  Her focus will be on helping us to connect with the dancer within us all, whether we feel that we are already dancers or not!  So, this is not so much a weekend of learning choreographed new dances.  Terri will still be teaching us new technique to play with, however.  What we learn can be applied to any form of dance beyond that of the Egyptian styles this weekend.  That’s a bonus!

Terri will remind us that in each of us, there is a dancer who longs to come alive!  She’ll ask us how do we take care of our inner dancer? Terri will prepare us not only physically but mentally and emotionally to meet the dancer within us all.  We’ll learn how to calm our minds and contact our hearts.  Using a set of Hawaiian exercises among others, Terri will guide us into lining up our inner energies.  This will then help us to express ourselves confidently as we dance from the inside out.
Baladi is the women’s solo improvised dance of Egypt: personal, intense and powerful…sometimes playful too.  You can hear the same piece of music many times and dance it differently each time according to how you feel.  On Saturday, Terri will help us to experiment easily with expressing our inner feelings authentically and confidently as we dance to baladi music.
The Egyptian Shaabi dancing on Sunday is more extrovert; it’s a lively group dance.  So, there’ll be a sharing of energies, space and movement.  Terri will show us how to get the most of this communal feel without losing contact with the dancer within.  We’ll learn how to travel our energies through our body in a shared expression.
This will be our first Belly Bolly weekend in Ponsanooth Hall.  It’s a great place: very spacious and light with an excellent floor and lots of loos!   There’s also a kitchen so we can be self-contained with our food and drinks.  For any of those travelling from up-county, this venue is considerably nearer than Penzance.
So: what’s stopping you?  Come and join us for a fab friendly adventure as you enhance your innate dance skills within.