April 27th & 28th bring a taste of Indian Dance to Ponsanooth Hall.  Katie Holland returns to give us two days’ experience and exploration of different Indian dance styles.  Katie is renowned for her in-depth knowledge of dance, having lived, performed and taught in India and now in Bulgaria.  She brings with her a wealth of expertise to share: how lucky we are!

Saturday’s workshops: ‘Indian Mix’ give us the chance to span time and place with two different dance styles.  First comes Bharatanayam: 1 – 3 p.m. Mothers in Southern India traditionally have handed down this dance to their daughters. This is a beautiful classical style characterised by graceful mudras (hand positions), footwork and combinations.
After a 1/2 hour tea break comes Bhangra 3.30 – 5.30 p.m., combining Punjabi folk traditions, Bollywood and western beats.  Originally danced by farmers in Northern India to celebrate harvest, Bhangra is upbeat and cheerful. It has become well known on dance floors all over the world.  We’ll learn a lively expressive dance to a remix that you’ll recognise for sure.  Wear trainers or bouncy shoes for this!
Katie dancing Indian style in costumeSunday’s dancing has a different flavour: ‘All things expressive!’  Starting at midday, Katie will guide us through 2 hours of Mujra, an Indian dance style originally performed in the royal courts.  This combines classical Indian dance with the story-telling of the Moghuls.  We’ll explore expression through the face, eyes, hands and body to tell our story, leading to a choreography.
Then comes a 3/4 hour lunch break before the final workshop: Chalga 2.45 – 4.45 p.m. This dance style is the shaabi of Bulgaria and is something different from what we’ve encountered to date.  Elder generations have frowned on it as having a raunchy, cheeky feel.  This sounds like a must to explore!  Chalga encompasses the rich traditions of Turkey, Bulgaria and Roma with some story-telling thrown into the mix.  Time to get funky!
The flyer below contains details of venue, times and booking.