“Dance is fun!¬† It lifts the spirit, strengthens the body, and stimulates the mind.”¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† Wayne Sleep

Seef Saffah dancing and larking at Quay Fair Day, PenzanceBelly Bolly dance is good for all women, whatever your age, size, shape or ability.¬† It’s certainly not just for babes with gorgeous bodies who look cool¬†in lycra.¬† So, ladies, dance!

Belly Bolly Dance is good for you on all levels: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.¬† It offers exercise that’s not ‘sporty’ or competitive. You could say that Belly Bolly dance is an art form.¬† You dance within a group of supportive women.¬† We laugh a lot and and¬†¬†friendships form.
While dancing, you can lose yourself in the moment and that is very healing. You are free of the labels you usually carry with you: wife/ mother/daughter etc. You connect with your own self, which is very empowering.  You get to dress up in spangly dance gear as well, for the little girl still inside you.
Dance for whatever reason you choose: as long as you enjoy it, you’re giving yourself a treat.
Belly Bolly dance brings improvement on the
following physical levels:
increased energy
*  posture and coordination
*  flexibility
*  muscle tone and strength
*  heart and breathing
*  stronger bones to counter osteoporosis
Belly Bolly dance helps:
anxiety and depression
*  stress
*  memory boosting
Belly Bolly dance offers:
confidence and self esteem
*  insights and understanding of different cultures
*  social activity
If all this sounds rather earnest, rest assured that we dance mainly for fun!¬† Here we are,¬†Seef Saffah, larking about, dancing ‘Walk like an Egyptian’ with silly faces and gestures!
Seef Saffah pulling faces as they dance 'Walk ike an Egyptian'